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How to jump to an anchor within an AJAX Area

For a current web project I am using a div thats defined as overflow:auto; in css and is updated using AJAX. The problem is that after every update the box is still stuck at the same view position. So I was searching for a way to tell it to scroll to top. I archived it with the following steps:

1. Add an anchor to the top of the AJAX content.

<a id="topofpage">&nbsp;</a>

2. Add this javascript to the bottom of the AJAX Content.

<script type="text/javascript">

Voila! Now after every reload the AJAX area should jump back to the top. Mozilla has some more information and examples on the scrollIntoView Method. This solution has been tested with FF3 IE7 and Safari4. It also requires Prototype to work.

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Padlock widget is now known as Intic Lock

I just finished version 1.3 of my Intic Lock widget for Mac (used to be called Padlock). Firstly there is the name change that I decided to do because there was a naming collision with another project. Well… actually I was the first to release a widget called Padlock but this guy just registered the name with more pages (eg. Apple) so I thought it’s not worth the hassle to argue with him. Eventually I came to the conclusion that a less generic name would be better anyway. Hence the baby is now called Intic Lock. Intic is my very own webshop that sells designer notebook locks. Apart from the widget information page the shop is currently german only. But you can still have a look at the products.

Most other changes to the widget are minor ones like new colors added. Here is the changelog.

Intic Lock is not sending or collecting data in any way.

More Information and Download

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My own Shop selling colorful Notebook Locks is finally online

I’ve been working on it for a while and here it finally is: My own shop for colorful notebook locks (”Notebook Schloss” in german). Initially the series of products was developed as my final university project wich I handed in in July this year. Later I adapted it to be sold in an online shop. At the moment it’s german language only but I’m planning to have an english Website running soon.

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Awesome tie design

For me it’s like this: I wear ties that seldom that I can never remember how to make the knot. So I always have to look it up on the internet.
Now there is this awesome thing with the instructions printed right on it. How awesome is that?
clipped from

Job Interview? Briss? Court Appearance? Yes, a necktie is definitely called for, and not a clip-on! No problem…relax, take a deep breath, remember your days in the boy scouts, and study the oh-so-easy knot-tying instructions printed right on Fred’s handy How Tie.

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Climbing Gym Birthday Cake

This is a really cool cake my friend Patrick and his girlfriend Jaqueline made for my Birthday.

Climbing Gym Cake 01

Climbing Gym Cake 02

Climbing Gym Cake 03

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Censor Bar Art

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Another awesome t-shirt design - For Love Or Bunny T-Shirt, Hoodie, or Tote Bag

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Wow - I love this song

Valerie by Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse is such a great song. Can’t get it out of my head.

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A short article about Café Lala

cafe lala at dienacht

The german language blog dienacht has a little article about my recent project Café Lala on his page.

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Café Lala is online!


Café Lala is a webshop of a friend that I’ve been working on for quite a while now. She’s selling really great looking t-shirts that are screenprinted in her own workshop. And aditionally it’s all fair trade and organic.
The underlying software is Drupal with Ubercart as ecommerce module. The base is already multiligual and we are planning to have the english version up and running soon.

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